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Three Art Podcasts To Listen To When You Need A Break From Finals

By Grace Hill

With finals closer than ever, here are my three favorite art and art history podcasts for procrastinating your work while still feeling like you're accomplishing something.

1. ArtHoles

Probably the most unconventional art history podcast I’ve ever listened to, ArtHoles is an irreverent yet deeply emotional narration of the lives and work of artists by a self-proclaimed art-hater. Michael Anthony guides the viewer through a deep dive into the relationships and history of figures like Carravagio and Jackson Pollock, never leaving out the gritty details of their legacies in the art history canon. The Frida Khalo series is his best in my opinion and well worth the incredibly researched, nearly 14 hour listen.

ArtHoles is perfect for someone who wants a sarcastic, witty take on the complex lives of art history legends and less so a technical analysis of their work.

2. The Lonely Palette

If you don't have the time to commit to a series, The Lonely Palette offers around 45 minute episodes on specific pieces based at the Boston MFA. Tamar Avishai markets her show as “returning art history to the masses”, interviewing random visitors about their thoughts and feelings then diving into the visual and historical elements of the piece. Avishai’s commentary complements the beautifully human feeling of the podcast with her refreshing and poignant takes, making the listener feel like they're standing in the gallery with her.

The Lonely Palette is perfect for someone who wants to expand their art history knowledge with a quick digest of an unknown work or artist.

3. ArtCurious

The ArtCurious podcast is one of the more well-known on this list, and for good reason. Jennifer Dasal is an art historian and curator who explores famous conspiracies, myths, and legends in art history with hundreds of episodes broken down into specific series. Dasal investigates the scandals behind some of the most famous works of art in the world like Mona Lisa’s theft and Van Gogh’s potential murder, weaving her research in with her unique professional opinion.

ArtCurious is perfect for someone who wants an accessible and exciting introduction to art history through a look at some of the most influential art and artists.

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