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The American Literary Magazine, affectionately known as AmLit, is American University’s semesterly publication of students’ creative works - including art, photography, film, poetry, and prose. The AmFam (members of the AmLit community) comes together each semester to share our love for the creative arts, host events, and design our publication.

We aim to foster an inclusive, creative community on campus (and most recently online via Zoom). We host many different events each semester from poetry workshops to guided art sessions and more. AmLit events are open to all members of the AU community.

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Submit your creative work! Any member of the AU community is welcome to submit their work for consideration for the magazine. Our submission drive opens at the beginning of each semester alongside the submission guidelines. 

  • Attend review sessions and special events! Pieces submitted to AmLit are discussed and voted on during review sessions which are open to the AU community. These review sessions take place shortly after the submission drive closes each semester, so be sure to swing by to hear others thoughts on the pieces submitted and to vocalize your own! We would love to see you at our other events throughout the semester as well. Keep up to date with what is happening with AmLit here!

  • Join the team! There are many ways to be involved with AmLit. Join our general staff by attending a minimum of three review sessions and one event. For more involvement, apply to be an assistant to our editors. Genre assistants help guide review sessions and plan their genre’s event. Blog assistants create and post content for our website. Copy and Design assistants work towards copy editing and designing the magazine, respectively. These applications are opened at the beginning of the semester after E-Board applications close. 

  • Apply to be on E-Board! Apply to be an editor with AmLit! Our E-Board is led by the Editors in Chief and includes our genre editors (art, photo/film, poetry, & prose), blog editors, copy editors, creative director, and event coordinator. E-Board applications are released at the beginning of each semester.

Join our mailing list and follow us on Instagram (@amlitmag) to stay in the know of all AmLit happenings and opportunities to get involved. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

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