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The DMV’s Finest Used Bookstores

By Franky Rodriguez

What’s up AmFam? Wait, don’t even say anything, I already know what you’re thinking. It’s written all over your face. It reads;

“Wow, ever since I moved to the Washington D.C., I’ve had an almost insatiable itch that’s begging to be scratched. Where are the most affordable used bookstores across the D.C. Metropolitan Area? I’ve just got to buy some AFFORDABLE USED BOOKS!” 

First of all, calm down. There’s no need to yell, the kids just fell asleep and I don’t think either of us wants to have to put them asleep again. Secondly, don’t you worry, because I’ve got the cure for your tiresome woes. I’ve got here with me a list of the best used bookstores in the DMV. Yeah, the best of the best. The best part though is that I’m gonna put you guys on real quick. That’s right, you’re getting the best list of the best (used) books(tores) in the ENTIRE DMV. Don’t say I never did anything for you. Anyway, let’s begin.


Yep, we’re gonna start here with a classic. First opening its doors in 1974, this place has become one of the DMV’s finest used bookstore juggernauts. It’s located in Dupont Circle, right off the redline for your convenience. These dudes know their stuff, and you could genuinely lose yourself for hours scanning through their vast selection of rare books. Check it out!


This intimate little bookstore is located right outside of D.C. in the glorious district of Wheaton-Glenmont. Attached to the Wheaton Library and Recreational Center, this used bookstore offers some of the most affordable used books in the DMV with a constantly expanding book selection of all genres. On top of that, the place sells used records, DVDs, CDs, and comics, all for cheap, I’m talking $2-5 dollars cheap. Make a stop here the next time you’re in Wheaton-Glenmont and get your picture taken in front of the iconic Glenmont water tower!


1. The Lantern

The Lantern is a non-profit volunteer-run bookstore specializing specifically in used and rare books. Since 1974, the bookstore has been helping fund women in need of financial assistance attending Bryn Mawr. Located in Georgetown, this place has a vast selection of used books, DVDs, Vinyl Records, and CDs. The best part is that the bookstore makes sure to keep all its products extremely affordable! Truly one of the DMV’s finest used bookstore gems. 

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