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The Best Ways to Expand Your Music Taste

March 28, 2022 | 1:32pm EDT

One of the greatest things about music is the variety of genres, styles, and everything in between. Ironically enough with that in mind, it’s easy to get caught up in what you’re used to listening to. But, just as easy as it is to get caught up, it’s even easier to expand your music taste if you know where to start.

Spotify’s “Discover Weekly”

This feature is just like its name and updates every Monday. The “Discover Weekly” playlist is inspired by pre-existing data, introducing listeners to less-known music from their loved artists and completely new ones as well. By updating weekly, the playlist always stays relevant, especially as new music is released. You can find yours by searching “Discover Weekly” in Spotify’s search engine, or by visiting the Spotify homepage.

Local Events and Venues

There’s a reason why so many music artists come to D.C. on tour. But there are more venues besides Capital One Arena and The Anthem. D.C. is home to many smaller venues like Songbyrd Music House, which often hosts shows from lesser-known artists; Khalid and Lil Peep are some of the many that performed at Songbyrd and later went on to bigger venues. Even better, lots of shows at venues like this are free. This makes it accessible to get it on the metro, walk-in, and discover who might just be your next favorite artist.

Local Radio Stations

Finding your next favorite song can be as easy as turning on the radio during your commute. If you’re looking to expand your music taste from the comfort of your dorm, consider tuning in to WVAU and hearing who your peers are fans of. This outlet gives listeners the opportunity to listen to a variety of music, both old and new.

Social Media

This method is a bit harder to seek out, but just as effective. Many TikTok and Instagram creators are dedicated to making playlists and promoting independent music. I can personally say that I've found lots of great songs just by hearing a ten-second clip online and looking it up on Spotify. Similarly, Spotify’s “search” feature lets you search specific keywords and find playlists made by other users–which can be inspired by everything from books and films to certain emotions and even places.

Expanding your music taste can be overwhelming, but a great way to learn more about other cultures, and find something new. It’s easy to feel like there’s not enough time to do so, or even articulate where to start. But expanding your music taste is something that is easy to integrate into your daily life and you benefit from it right away.

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