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Performance Review: Sam Smith at U Street

March 25, 2014 | 9:42pm EST

A soulful voice effortless in nature, but beautiful in execution is rare in this day in age where artists have dollar signs in their names. Sam Smith is bringing honest talent back to the music scene with his freshman album and tour. The twenty-one year old who has achieved fame because of his stellar voice made his first stop in the District on his American tour this past Thursday (3/20).

The U Street Music Hall housed the event and all audience members, as well as Sam Smith himself, feel right at home. The room where the concert was held was smaller than the 9:30 Club but larger than the Davenport Coffee Lounge. Everyone in the crowd could see Sam when he entered from stage right in his fitted blazer and custom gold Nikes. His charm and boyish smile pulled everyone into his spell before the set even began. Along with him were his five, seemingly flawless, band members. All dressed as if they were coming straight from a Nylon Magazine photo shoot, Sam Smith and his ensemble not only sounded like heaven, but looked like it, too.

He played songs from his upcoming album In the Lonely Hour, which is to be released early this summer. Some of his most popular songs like “Nirvana” and “Money on My Mind” were crowd pleasers indeed. In addition to his own songs that have gained quite a lot of popularity, Smith also played a cover of the song “Do I Wanna Know?” by the Arctic Monkeys. Awesome visuals and choreographed dance numbers were nowhere in sight because the music and Sam Smith’s voice was, rightfully, center stage. The composition of the band mixed with Sam’s buttery, deep voice was the perfect combination to accomplish an excellent and unforgettable musical experience. Sam Smith’s tour continues in the United States until the end of April, and then he will continue to play across Europe and in his home country, the UK, for summer festivals.

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