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Magazine Spotlight: Best of (Part II)

December 3, 2013 | 10:30am EST

With less than a week before AmLit’s release party, we know you’re getting antsy, so here’s Part II of our “Best of” to satisfy your creative needs.

Freckled Magazine

Created in Vancouver, Canada, Freckled Magazine describes itself as a “season, non-profit online visual inspiration magazine featuring photography, writing, traditional art forms, fashion and music.” Sounds overwhelming for an online publication, but Freckled manages to balance its dreamy photography and art pieces with interviews with emerging photographers, artists, fashion pioneers, and bands, especially when Freckled is over 100 pages.

In its most recent issue, Summer 2013, Freckled Magazine features photography spreads of Croatia, paintings and illustrations of characters from another world, and personal written pieces. Like its past issues, the magazine seems to take pleasure in transporting its readers to a place that doesn’t exist in the real world – where everyone has the time to take long road trips and watch the sun set, documenting their adventures along the way.

Little White Lies

Unbeknownst to many of us, Little White Lies is a popular publication hailing from London and focuses on the wonderful world of movies. Each of its issues are dedicated to a single film, interviewing its main actors and exploring different aspects of the film’s creation. Unlike many other publications that feature films, Little White Lies relies heavily on graphic design rather than generic movie stills or photographs from behind the scenes. Each of its covers are a work of art and it’s obvious that every page’s design was created with a purpose.

As for its verbal content, Little White Lies is able to hold its readers’ attention, dividing its issues into different acts. In its “latest” issue on (which came out five months ago; because the magazine stopped publishing online yet continues to churn out hard copies, reading its back issues will more than suffice), the magazine focuses on Man of Steel, the most recent film for the Superman franchise. Notable features include an analysis of hilarious vintage Superman comic covers, an exposé on the woman who served as the inspiration for Lois Lane, and an article on the five different ways Superman’s story was transformed in order to humanize a superhero who seems invincible.

Loud and Quiet

For those of us tired of the usual music magazine that focuses an obscene amount of attention on the same old artist that’s writing the same old music about the same old thing (love and heartache?) in the same way for a new album, there’s the U.K.- based Loud and Quiet. What better way to be ahead of the curve than to learn about new artists from the P.O.V. of another country?

Its most recent issue includes short interviews with nine bands about things that piss them off, an interview with Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth fame in his own home, and numerous profiles of artists on the rise. Have you ever heard of the German band called Autobahn who’s compared to the likes of Joy Division, or the London-based band Shopping that produces “DIY funk punk”? I haven’t, but I definitely want to know what “DIY funk punk” sounds like.

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