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Looking For New Indie Tunes?

By Isabel Chaparro

Have you been looking for some new Indie tunes? Me too. This past Spring, I found myself getting tired of the same music and was struggling to find music that I liked but was different from my existing playlists. Luckily, I was in Taiwan at the time and learned that, unexpectedly, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China have booming indie music scenes. It is so much fun and a great way to expose yourself to music from other regions of the world. Not to mention the music is really great! So, if you're looking for new songs to add to your playlist, here I am to give you my current fav Taiwan/China/Hong Kong tunes and artists. Without further ado, here are the recs! 再見!


1. my little airport - Hong Kong

  • Indie Pop/Twee

  • Latest Album: SABINA之淚

2. New Pants - China

  • Indie/Pop-rock

  • Latest Album: 爱 广播 飞机 (Love, Broadcast, Aircraft)

3. The Chairs - Taiwan

  • Indie/Soft-rock

  • Latest Album: The Great Escape Of Our Time

4. The Hertz - Hong Kong

  • Indie-rock

  • Latest Album: PRESENT

5. Deca Joins - Taiwan

  • Indie-rock meets lo-fi

  • Latest Album: 鳥鳥鳥 Bird and Reflections

6. Jingfei - China

  • Indie-pop/chill

  • Latest Album: 陈婧霏 (Translation: Chen Jingfei)

7. Schoolgirl Byebye - Taiwan

  • Indie-rock meets chill

  • Latest Album: 恋人

8. 動物園釘子戶 - China

  • Casual/chill indie

  • Latest Album: 動物園釘子戶Ⅱ


  • Lonestar - The Chairs

  • 未日快車 - The Hertz

  • 暈船記 - Jingfei

  • 别再问我什么是迪斯科 - New Pants

  • 现在你是雨 - Schoolgirl Byebye

  • 每次你走的時分 - my little airport

  • 海邊旅館一夜 - Schoolgirl Byebye

  • 一個人在濱湖公園 - 動物園釘子戶

  • 白日夢 - No Party For Cao Dong

  • 煙花 - Leah Dou

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