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Ginny and Georgia: Love and Lies

March 8, 2021 | 7:54pm EST

Ginny and Georgia is a comedy-drama series that was released by Netflix on Feb. 24. It’s about the life of young free-spirited mother Georgia and her two children Ginny and Austin who move to Wellsbury, Massachusetts, for a fresh start. Their move was caused by the sudden death of Georgia’s husband back in Texas. Moving is nothing new to them, they have been moving for years, but this time Georgia said it will be different, and that Wellsbury is the place where they will put down roots.

The ten-episode series is worth the binge-watch because of all the different topic areas explored such as new love, home, friends, and lies. Right across the street, they have neighbors who go to her same high school and one of them, Max, ends up being her best friend, and the other, Marcus, her secret lover. Ginny never had a stable group of friends before, and she found her people in Wellsberry. Throughout the episodes, things start to get steamy when the camera points to Marcus, Ginny’s secret lover. Even though Max plays as a matchmaker and sets Ginny up with Hunter, there is an undeniable connection between Marcus and Ginny. Some might say it's toxic, but as Georgia says, love is not safe, and that is exactly the case here.

Everyone struggles with something in this series, just as everyone struggles in real life. Even though people may seem to have a perfect life, everyone has their problems, and just because they don’t share them with everyone doesn’t mean they aren’t real. Georgia has struggled her whole life, and being pregnant with Ginny at a young age made her find her way through the world as best she could. Though some might disagree with Georgia’s methods to make it in life, she did it all for the sake of her children. Georgia is a force to be reckoned with, and even the mayor agrees and is blown away by both her beauty and energy.

As for Ginny, she feels overwhelmed and confused about her situation, both at home and romantically. Georgia keeps a lot of secrets from Ginny and this infuriates her. What’s more, her aunt and dad making a short appearance does not help the situation. Romantically, she is not as happy as she would want to be and lies start to accumulate.

Everything clashes at once, the friend group, her love life, her family. Ginny is more hurt than ever. Ginny keeps finding new things about Georgia’s past, and this is too much for her to handle. Since she feels she has nothing left at Wellsburry, she leaves with her brother, and the viewer does not know where she is headed. Some say that she is going back to her dad, others to her aunt, but right now the only certain thing is that when Georgia and the mayor get home that night, her children will be long gone.

Stop what you are doing and watch this show. Romantic and familiar love, and the different ways in which these characters express them are what makes this series so good. Here lies are formed for the sake of not hurting those you love, but not everyone interprets it that way. This relatable, eye-opening, funny and even sometimes cringe-worthy show should be your next pick to watch on Netflix.

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