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Coffee Shops Recommendations? I Gotcha

By Hope Jorgensen

Looking for a place to grab a coffee and study near campus? Well, this is the blog post for you! Studying, writing, and making art all require some fuel and I, like most college students, get antsy spending some much time on campus. With finals and the end of the semester looming near, it’s a great time to move your studying off campus for a change of scenery and pace. I’ve scoped out four coffee shops, based on both location and the cafe itself, that are great stops to study at.

1. Compass Coffee

Want to get off campus but don’t want to go far? Have two hours between classes and want to stay close to campus? Compass Coffee is the spot for you! Located in Spring Valley at 4850 Massachusetts Ave NW, Compass Coffee is a brisk 15-20 minute walk from campus. Across the street from AU’s Spring Valley Campus, the coffee shop has lots of seating options and a great drink menu. My favorite coffee is the Lavender Honey Latte, and their drinks change with the season so there is always something different year long! It can be crowded, but I’ve never had an issue with finding a corner to work on an essay in. However, their food options are more limited and it's best to find lunch elsewhere.

2. Tatte Bakery

If you’re looking for more breakfast and lunch options to sustain your studying, I recommend Tatte Bakery. Along with coffee, they carry an extensive menu of breakfast and lunch selections such as the Croque Madame, Shakshuka, and great sandwich options ranging from lamb kebab pita to prosciutto and fig panini. There are locations across the DC area such as in Bethesda, MD and DuPont Circle. The closest location is just a 20 minute walk away, near Tenleytown. Located at 13 Ridge Square NW near Wegmans, this Tatte Bakery location is close enough to campus while still giving you a change of scenery. There are many seating locations inside, and it is far less busy than its DuPont Circle location on the weekends. It dies down in the afternoon, so it's a nice place to get off campus and work.

3. D’Light Bakery

For my last recommendation, we have D’Light Bakery. D’Light Bakery is an Ukrainian owned bakery located at 2475 18th St NW in Adams Morgan. This is the furthest study spot from campus, but I had to include it! The coffee is wonderful and I always order an iced vanilla latte. Their menu is mainly Ukrainian food, and my personal favorite is the Eggs Benedict with Gravlax Salmon. I’ve also heard great things about their cottage cheesecakes. They have a great pastry selection, if you’re looking for a quick bite. It’s the perfect spot for a solid meal to give you energy for studying, or a nice latte to enjoy during work. They host fundraisers for the war in Ukraine, as well as other community centered events. I recommend getting there early on the weekend or going during the week, as this place can be crowded!

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