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My Five Favorite Looks From The 2023 Oscars Champagne Carpet

By McKenna Casey

Positivity Only Here!!

Number One

Sandra Oh in Giambattista Valli and statement Briony Raymond necklace

The moment I saw Sandra Oh step out in this gorgeously colored, perfectly draped, Grecian goddess gown, I knew nothing else could top her look. Her messy-look hair was cute and understated, leaving the statement to that Briony Raymond necklace, which looks like it could give you magic powers if you knew the right words to whisper. Flawless, no notes.

Number Two

Angela Bassett in Moschino gown with a Bvlgari snake necklace

Mother Angela Bassett, you have done the thing. The royal purple on her? Amazing. Waist snatched but a fun silhouette? Achieved. Neck? Icy. Hair? Looking windswept and romantic. An Oscar won for her stellar performance? Do not talk to me.

Number Three

Malala Yousafzai in Ralph Lauren

Malala looked absolutely immaculate in this sparkly hooded gown. Modest fashion has always been fun, funky, and fresh, especially when it reflects enough light to navigate a small cave system. I love how the tapering shows off her figure, and how her emerald ring and bright red lip adds a splash of color.

Number Four

Rhianna in Alaia

Yes leather, yes sheer, yes mock neck, yes train. I love how her nails match her lip and her fun updo. This picture doesn’t show it, but there are slits in the leather bands on the sides of her thighs… sexy. I wish people would wear more chocolate brown because clearly it can be done and done right. Rhianna, I bow before you.

Number Five

Monica Barbaro in Elie Saab

This one honestly took me by surprise with how much I loved it. The eggplant skirt and sheer baby blue are the perfect combination. I think it’s just the right length for drama without looking uncomfortable. I wish she wore a necklace, but if she wanted that classic plunging V to speak for herself, she certainly achieved that. In movement, this gown comes to life. Just lovely.

Runners Up

Bonus: Men Who Didn’t Disappoint Me

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